Monday, March 3, 2008

My Perfect Smile

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Christmas Season

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Way back on my younger age

Way back on my younger age, at age of three, my dad told me that i sang a song that they dont even know where i get, even words i just only invented, they dont even understand that word i sing, but i always sing it, whenever i am alone, or climbing in the guava tree.

We're living in the downhills, a nipa hut, where u can see the rice green fields all over, can feel the fresh air, fresh water down the stream, u heard the bird singing above the tree, the noise of the water along the stream and u can feel the calm place and peace of your mind sitting in the bench made of bamboo.

I love my family so much and  a protective sister. I've seen what our life we had before, i can tell its a very hard life. I'm always dreaming on and pray to our Almighty God that He always guide us into the right path even how hard life it is. 

My life story is always my inspiration that keep me going. And my family is my first priority.